These terms of services are extracted from the General Conditions of Sale of Jack in the Box, attached to the customer contract.

They complement the legal notices:

General technical conditions

Technical requirements for optimal operation of Proposal Studio©.

The Service Provider proposes the rental of the Proposal Studio© application in hosted mode providing the Client with remote access.

The objective of this service is to provide the Client with 24/7 use of the application except in the event of a breakdown and outside the contractual periods for back-up, maintenance, version changes and jointly planned interventions.

The Client must have an ADSL/SDSL type Internet connection with a speed or flow that allows fluid navigation on the Internet. Proposal Studio© is accessible through the current stable version and the previous version of the IE11 web browser.

Similarly, Proposal Studio© is accessible through the current stable version and the previous version of the Google Chrome web browser. The software requires the presence of Acrobat Reader© version 7 or later on each computer.

The Service Provider is not in a position to ensure that Proposal Studio© software will work with earlier versions of the browsers mentioned above.

Regarding the office configuration, a standard / basic workstation, as marketed today on Dell or other is sufficient. Concerning RAM, the application requires a certain amount of memory for JavaScript processing and other advanced functions. For your information, we recommend a minimum of 4 GB of RAM on your office equipment. No specific recommendation concerning the CPU.

The Service Provider undertakes to provide all associated services under its own responsibility and indivisible. Generally speaking, the Service Provider ensures all the actions necessary for the proper remote operation of Proposal Studio© and will take all useful measures to maintain the site operational.

Hosting and availability of the system

Hosting is carried out in a secure environment ensuring continuity of service, storage and protection of data, operation of equipment, connectivity to remote networks.

The service provider will ensure the availability of its system at the nominal level of 99.9% between 8:00 am and 8:00 pm (French metropolitan hours), except for maintenance periods and version changes for which the Client will be informed by e-mail sent to Proposal Studio© users 48 hours in advance.

Outside of these time slots, users will be able to access the system 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but without any guarantee of its total availability, as these slots may be reserved for maintenance or backup operations.

In addition, it will not be possible to access telephone support outside the times mentioned in the Customer Relations paragraph.

In the event of system unavailability, the Service Provider will use all reasonable means in accordance with the BCP to restore the service: Unavailability detected by the monitoring system and not due to an application anomaly will be treated as soon as it is detected, regardless of the time and day, in accordance with the unavailability thresholds defined in the Summary Table of BCP trigger thresholds.

Application anomalies will be handled in accordance with the resolution times detailed in this contract. Business Continuity Plan (BCP) The management of a continuity plan for the hosted service is ensured by the Provider.

It details: Scope and principles Types of incidents covered Means implemented to guarantee business continuity Threshold for triggering BCP procedures Summaries of operations for setting up, updating and auditing the BCP The Business Continuity Plan is attached.

The Provider reserves the right to modify its BCP each year if the activity or the annual tests of this BCP require it. The Service Provider will then send an updated version to the Customer.

Right of use

The Client accesses the software by means of confidential codes communicated to the users.

These accesses are nominative. Each user undertakes to keep this confidential code strictly secret, not to communicate it to anyone and to take all measures to preserve its confidentiality.

The Service Provider shall not be liable for the loss of users’ confidential codes.

The Service Provider guarantees the reliability and confidentiality of the software as well as taking appropriate measures to prevent the disclosure of confidential codes assigned to users and undertakes not to transmit to anyone information on the content of the site.

The Provider undertakes to ensure that the rules and frequency of password changes comply with the state of the art.

Database and reversibility

Jack in the Box provides the Customer with a storage space called ‘database’ which contains the textual content, PDF documents and visuals of the Customer for the drafting of its commercial offers.

The management of this information is entirely the responsibility of the Client, with Jack in the Box only ensuring that this data is backed up and recoverable in the event of a hardware failure of the servers or their storage unit.

The Customer ensures that the content of this information is purely for professional use and is not pornographic, racist or defamatory.

The Customer is informed that the Service Provider will destroy all data stored on its servers within 3 months from the date of termination of this Agreement.

During this 3-month period, the Customer shall have access to the software in order to collect the content for which it is responsible. The Service Provider will be available to advise the Customer on the methods of collecting the content.