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Software for creating convincing sales proposals

Proposal Studio is user-friendly software that lets you quickly generate sales proposals and tender bids that automatically follow your graphic requirements.

Why use software?

Say goodbye to the headaches

The best way to show you’re the best.

Why use a tool to write sales proposals ?

Your proposal is a decisive step in the sales process. You have just a little time to produce a convincing document that shows off your expertise !

Desktop tools have their limits :

  • time wasted getting to a professional-looking layout

  • difficulty finding the most up to date content
  • recycling old documents with all the errors that come with copy and paste
  • accessibility issues for sharing working documents
What are the advantages ?

To do good work, you need good tools

Change your habits, start using the right software.

Why use Proposal Studio?

Writing sales proposals with standard DTP software is tricky. A dedicated tool gives you the best functionalities :

  • knowledge base
  • questionnaire to get to the right content

  • automatic page layout

  • collaboration

For an effective, professional result, with no time wasted !

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7 key functionalities to make writing proposals easier

The questionnaire gets you to the content that’s the best match between your target customer and the relevant sales arguments.

An intuitive word processor lets you easily customize and illustrate your proposal with the required table of contents, annexes and PDFs.

The important information for your key markets is automatically included. No more time wasted on entering it over and over, and less risk of typos.

All your content, sales arguments, images and PDFs in a single, shared directory with alerts about when information is out of date.

Generate a PDF document that meets your graphic layout criteria in a single click.

You can easily let team members contribute to your offer and keep track of the changes made.

You’re not alone! We are right there with you when you’re learning how to use the software, and there’s online assistance.
You also have the option of letting our experts help you improve your content.

What Proposal Studio will do for you


Make your process truly innovative with THE tool for sales performance.

Proposal Studio not only lets you work with your team to implement best practices for sales documents, it also ensures that your brand image is synonymous with quality.


Use the right tool so your team can give their best performance and close more sales.

Improve conversion thanks to more professional looking proposals produced in less time.


Make the most of your sales arguments and your graphics.

For substance and for style, now there’s a single solution for sales. Proposal Studio guarantees optimal use of your sales arguments and your graphic layout.

Let’s talk about your strategy

Nobody knows it better than our clients

I’ve more than reached my targets thanks to Proposal Studio because the conversion rate on my proposals increased by 25%.

Julien, sales person, BtoB service industry

30% less time drafting offers means 30% more time to personalize sales arguments and work on new targets.

Emilie, sales manager, SME department

Our sales people used to copy and paste from old proposals and they would sometimes leave typos… it was a disaster for our image ! Now our documents are customized and it takes them less time !

Gilles, head of development, SME Construction

Proposal Studio is a fun tool. Starting a proposal with a questionnaire to get back to the discovery phase of the sales approach is a really good idea. It lets us start from a blank slate and then get to the relevant content. That’s magical !

Sabrina, business developer

Innovation also has to be the heart of our process. Proposal Studio has allowed us to make this decisive step in the sales process more professional.

Gilles, head of development, SME Construction

Before, the communications department had to do the layout from the technical proposal in a Word document and it was a nightmare getting the graphic layout right. Since we started using Proposal Studio, the document layout is superb and customer feedback has been very positive.

Caroline, head of communication

Proposal Studio makes it easy to bring new sales people onboard. They immediately have access to the latest sales arguments !

Stéphane, head of sales

Finally, a solution to make writing technical proposals easier ! Time saved and performance are easily the biggest plusses !

Bertrand, head of tender bids
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A Jack in the Box solution

A team of experts at your service.

Jack in the Box, the only Proposal Management expert in France, has been helping major French and international companies for 20 years. When you work with Jack, you’ll also get :

  • a community of 15000 proposal writers

  • Proven functionalities
  • The most-widely used software on the market

We believe that Proposal Studio can make the difference for you, so you can close more deals, faster.

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